Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Sunvista Wreck & Pulau 9 jigging trip report - continuation

The 4 hookups from KY, Alan, Sharma and myself

Sole GT of the trip by KY on IMA jig

Our sore ass from the bumpy ride ..resorted to standing for the next 1 hr of the journey

Bruce and me, getting wet from the so called "roof" of the boat while escaping the dark clouds

Great bunch of ppl to fish with. Non stop jokes, whistling and cock talking buddies. Till then, hope to see you guys January next year on Jarak's trip :)

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Monday, October 15, 2007

Sunvista Wreck & Pulau 9 jigging trip report

My 1st pure jigging trip for this year has ended with a lower note. Good calm seas greeted us on the 1st day enroute our journey to the Sunvista Wreck. As I have been told previously, our boatman's ride is very very bumpy. Indeed it was bumpy and furthermore i was sitting at the center console next to the boatman, the best seat of the 2 hr bumpy ride to get your spines n ass tested out to their max. At the end Sharma and myself rather stand and let our knees take the punishing than our asses.

As soon as we reached the top of the wreck, our boatman echo sounded the area, and when fish was spotted on his echo sounder LCD monitor ...there he goes with his signature "OK ..Laiiii ..sea bed 60meter...wreck 30meter" shout to signal us to drop our jigs. As everyone started jigging, snagging frenzy started with everyone had at least 2 jigs snagged to the body of the wreck. We breaked for lunch and KY caught the 1st catch of the day, a 2kg+ GT. Lots of time wasted re-rigging and soon after jigging about 2 hours later, we saw dark clouds and white waves dancing towards our way. Sadly we had to leave the spot without registering any fight at all. We did went to other spots but total catch of the day was only the GT.

Day 2 started with gloomy weather as well. It didnt do enough to hamper our spirits for the day. We spent the morning jigging for nothing. Changed many spots around Pulau 9 cluster of islands and we managed to land 4 talangs from 3-5kgs and 1 bust offs each from Bruce and Sharma.

Final verdict is lousy weather ruined the 2 days of fishing. We had good entertainment from the Whisling Brothers entertaining the boat with "Sunshine through my window" throughout 2 days and also the nice company from everybody on board.

The jetty we're boarding from

Our `battlecruiser` for the 2 days
Mad ass arsenals from Stella 3000, 5000, 8000s, Twinpower 5000 to SaltigaZ 4500, Saltiga Game 3000, Caldia Kix, Freamsj, CapriconJs.

Sharma, Kuan Wai & Co

Bruce warming up kungfu, KY & Alan

Whistling Brothers - singing "Sunshine" since Day 1

Friday, October 12, 2007

October fish`fest

Rain have been falling non stop for the past few days. Will be leaving for Sitiawan in 3 hrs time for the jigging trip at the Sun Vista a.k.a Galileo Galilei wreck 46 nautical miles off Penang Island and also a jigging trip the next day to Pulau 9's cluster of islands. Hope the Allmighty shed some kindness on us for our hope of a good weather for the next 2 days.

Also in the line this month is Paka trip again next weekend 20th Oct. Till then, will be taking a break until the last offshore trip for this year, Tukun Perak.

Hopefully there "will" be a good outing report after this weekend. Till then, Selamat Hari Raya and Happy holildays folks !