Thursday, September 27, 2007

Jigging Rods

I've just completed building my "basic" collection of my jigging rods from light jigging to medium. Heavy setup is still on the way as the rod i've ordered is still not stocked in yet.
Decided to pair the Jigzam with Stella 8000FA and Shikari with CapriconJ.
My headache now is I could not find a suitable partner in crime for the Shino Amberjack. Short term planning is to pair it with the CapriconJ with my spare spool loaded with 20lbs braid. Long term plan or Xmas wish list ....Daiwa Morethan Branzino + Tenryu Delsol PE 0.8-1.5 :P Anyway its just a wish. I need a popping outfit more than a light tackle outfit for the time being.

From left to right: Tenryu Jigzam PE 3-5, Shikari Custom PE2-4, Shino Amberjack PE1-3
From front view

Shikari PE 2-4 custom

Tenryu Jigzam

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Jiggling jigs

My humble collection of "wallet`ache" jigs after stock check as of end of August! Actually i bought a few more light jigs this month hehehe.

Will continue adding my collection between 50-80gm ones and 150-200gms. Top on my shopping list, Caprice/Caprice kid, more IMA, more n more ailemetal 100gms n above...and hopefully Patriot design :P. I also need to get more of the cheap jigs ...its not fun losing your favourite jigs to those busy body barracudas all the time :S

From clockwise: IMA RO 120gms and 80gms. Jazz 120gms, Ofmer 100gms, the solo Metallic Sardine, Ailemetal 80gm and 200gm( these are my favourites), Williamson Bentos 100-150gm and last but not least the tamentais( i lost a few of them during the last Jarak trip, so ...looks like its productive over at west coast :) ).

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Paka Sept 16 catch report

6 hours on road, 3 hours on sea, just 30 minutes of andrenalin rush. Thats the best word to describe my shortest fishing trip ever. Starting off the journey from KL at about 12am, we reached Paka at 5am in time for breakfast. Got our stuff loaded on the boat at the jetty by 6am and we were good to go.
First destination was to the unjam to get some live bait for our `supposedly` tenggiri(spanish mackarel) hunting trip. Selar, kembung was showing up in very little numbers. Some of them was too big to be used as live bait. Suddenly, we saw a few boiling spots around the unjam. Our deckhand immediately took out his rolls of handlines and there we go, trolling around the unjam for the boiling bonitos(tongkol), cencaru for the next 3 hours on hand lines !! Trust me wouldn't want to try holding a handline with 10-15 hooks attached to it, each hook with a bonito which are close to one kilo each :)

EK, pulling a full house load of bonitos on board ...notice a glove was fingers were bruised too by the line peeling out of your hands when you're trying to bring them in

After that, we proceeded to drift for tenggiris. Unfortunately we've got a few bites but no solid hook ups. According to boatman, water was too clear but even when fluorocarbon leaders were used, it did not yield any positive results either :(

I started to jig when nothing seems to be working, looks like fishes there were not interested with the jigs as well. I've tried almost all the jigs i have from 50gm - 120gm but there's not even a nibble. Sea started to get choppy and i starting to get seasick, lied down or a nap and i did not realise how long i slept until i heard line peeling out from not one, but ALL 3 reels my friends were using. I immediately got up with a blurry face, with the grinning faces of my friends looking at me, i immediately casted my jig out to the school of Dorados. They were least interested in the jigs and they went after the fillet baits drifted into their way.

Feeling dizzy to change my rigs, my friend hooked up one and passed me the rod to fight while in the meantime, the tekong helped me to changed my rigs. Feeding frenzy lasted for about 15 minutes. Total chaos on the deck as we had double, triple, quad hookups and the dorados was jumping around our boat and had a good try to tangle up our lines. We were practically running around the deck trying to sort out our lines.After about 20 minutes or so, we managed to land 16 Dorados. Bad news hit us after all the andrenalin rush for the past 30 minutes. We ran out of ice as boatman only brought 2 packs of ice on board...ggrrrrrrr. We chose to get back to shore to save the dorados as our cooler box was all full as well. We had a short but great time, reached shore at about 3pm.

Fully filled cooler box of bonitos, cencaru, kembung.

Our taruh makan taruh makan catch. Lucky and unlucky for us to bump into the school of them and run out of ice in the same time.

So long for now

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Preview of a new family member

The day has finally come .... will post up a lil more writeup and more pictures later bout this new baby.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


These jigs have been proven to be the top hit during these 2 months with multiple strikes from trips of MFN jigging kakis. Being abit kiasu, I've also purchased some 120gm and 80gm IMA jigs to test out at the coming trip next month. Hopefully it will turn out to be as productive as per what KY told me. Abit regretted didnt get a few of IMA Gun as i might be able to test it out at Paka waters this weekend

IMA 120gms with black label and 80gms in purple labels.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Daiwa Saltist 40

This reel was purchased quite some time. I've only used it twice before. Maybe I will bring it to the upcoming shipwreck trip next month to give it a try if i do not sell it.Sadly i'll have to part with this reel in order to make way for project Stella :P . Really admire it in terms of build quality and its nice clicker.

The beautiful saltist.

Saltist 40 with its original Daiwa knob for the Saltigas...wannabe again :P

Saltist 40 front view.

Friday, September 7, 2007

Daiwa CapriconJ

Since that I've decided that the Banax GT4000 should now be the backup reel. I've saved enough dough to get me a new reel for light/medium jigging. It was a tough decision to choose between Daiwa's FreamsJ, CapriconJ and Caldia Kix. The major factor that made me chose CapriconJ was because it come with a spare spool. So I loaded one spool with Powerpro 40lbs and the other with 30lbs.

Pairing it with my Shino Amberjack PE1-3 rod with the 30lbs spool and customed Shikari PE 2-4 rod with the 40lbs spool just the perfect balance :P

Daiwa CapriconJ ...rated 9kg max drag ..we shall see..

Sawadee Kap mari

Changed the original handle to original Daiwa knob meant for the Saltigas :P ...wannabe wannabe !!

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Shimano Backbone 24kg boat rod

About 6 months back, I was searching high and low for this boat rod to match my Shimano TLD30. After looking all around Klang Valley's tackle shops, I finally got my friend in Penang to buy it for me as it is the last one around and its almost twice the cheaper than the pricetag in Klang Valley !!

Shimano Backbone24

5 Feet 7 inches, line weight 24kg ...I've yet to get the chance to test it to its full capability yet.

Full SIC guides with roller tip.

Bottom Basher

Shimano TLD30 2 Speed. Paired with Shimano Backbone 24 for heavy bottom fishing and trolling.

Graphite Frame
Graphite Sideplate
Aluminum Spool
Erogonomic Power Handle (2011A and 3011A only
With serial number some more.
Lever drag & high/low gear selector
Max drag Full @15kg, Max drag Strike @10kg

Loaded it with 500m of Powepro 80lbs Braided with 100m Berkley Big game 60lbs mono.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Back from retirement

After getting all the `racuns` from `hantus` among my colleague and MFN( Malaysia Fishing Net) kakis, I've rekindled with my long time laid back hobby. Just that this time, its no longer `jeans with rubberboots, parang tied to the waist with my father's old long sleeve shirt` strolling among the waist long `lalang` or climbing up n down of fallen tree trunks to look for the elusive snakehead(haruan).

Now that I'm "racun`ed" into deep sea fishing, below is the initial setup that i've invested on during the trip to Pulau Tenggol and Kemaman. I've got myself a Shimano Baitrunner 4500B for light bottom/drifting setup as the waters in east coast is not that deep compared to west coast. The 2nd reel that i've got for jigging(bad idea ..too heavy) and multi-tasking(popping, medium casting) was a Banax GT4000 that was recommended by the old timers in MFN. However, I found out that the shaft has started rusting after only 3 trips. I've decided to keep this reel as a backup for popping and medium jigging trips. More to come on my new toys this year hehehe.
Shimano Baitrunner 4500B. Loaded with 300 meters Powerpro 40lbs braid.

Baitrunner drag lever. 1.5lbs baitrunner drag with 7lbs rated main drag

Waterproof Drag ?...dont think so

Banax GT4000. Spooled with 300m 50lbs Powerpro braided lines.

Rated drag of 9kg. Built like a tank hence describe its weight.