Sunday, September 23, 2007

Jiggling jigs

My humble collection of "wallet`ache" jigs after stock check as of end of August! Actually i bought a few more light jigs this month hehehe.

Will continue adding my collection between 50-80gm ones and 150-200gms. Top on my shopping list, Caprice/Caprice kid, more IMA, more n more ailemetal 100gms n above...and hopefully Patriot design :P. I also need to get more of the cheap jigs ...its not fun losing your favourite jigs to those busy body barracudas all the time :S

From clockwise: IMA RO 120gms and 80gms. Jazz 120gms, Ofmer 100gms, the solo Metallic Sardine, Ailemetal 80gm and 200gm( these are my favourites), Williamson Bentos 100-150gm and last but not least the tamentais( i lost a few of them during the last Jarak trip, so ...looks like its productive over at west coast :) ).

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