Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Back from retirement

After getting all the `racuns` from `hantus` among my colleague and MFN( Malaysia Fishing Net) kakis, I've rekindled with my long time laid back hobby. Just that this time, its no longer `jeans with rubberboots, parang tied to the waist with my father's old long sleeve shirt` strolling among the waist long `lalang` or climbing up n down of fallen tree trunks to look for the elusive snakehead(haruan).

Now that I'm "racun`ed" into deep sea fishing, below is the initial setup that i've invested on during the trip to Pulau Tenggol and Kemaman. I've got myself a Shimano Baitrunner 4500B for light bottom/drifting setup as the waters in east coast is not that deep compared to west coast. The 2nd reel that i've got for jigging(bad idea ..too heavy) and multi-tasking(popping, medium casting) was a Banax GT4000 that was recommended by the old timers in MFN. However, I found out that the shaft has started rusting after only 3 trips. I've decided to keep this reel as a backup for popping and medium jigging trips. More to come on my new toys this year hehehe.
Shimano Baitrunner 4500B. Loaded with 300 meters Powerpro 40lbs braid.

Baitrunner drag lever. 1.5lbs baitrunner drag with 7lbs rated main drag

Waterproof Drag ?...dont think so

Banax GT4000. Spooled with 300m 50lbs Powerpro braided lines.

Rated drag of 9kg. Built like a tank hence describe its weight.

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