Friday, September 7, 2007

Daiwa CapriconJ

Since that I've decided that the Banax GT4000 should now be the backup reel. I've saved enough dough to get me a new reel for light/medium jigging. It was a tough decision to choose between Daiwa's FreamsJ, CapriconJ and Caldia Kix. The major factor that made me chose CapriconJ was because it come with a spare spool. So I loaded one spool with Powerpro 40lbs and the other with 30lbs.

Pairing it with my Shino Amberjack PE1-3 rod with the 30lbs spool and customed Shikari PE 2-4 rod with the 40lbs spool just the perfect balance :P

Daiwa CapriconJ ...rated 9kg max drag ..we shall see..

Sawadee Kap mari

Changed the original handle to original Daiwa knob meant for the Saltigas :P ...wannabe wannabe !!

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