Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Christmas & New year shopping 2008

As the year comes to an end, I've topped up my jig and lure armory and also bought a new popping rod to replace my broken Shimano Caranx Kaibutsu which broke as a result of striking too hard on a sailfish.

I've decided to stock in more of the Sevenseas Revolver as this jig was a proven performer on the Makassar trip. Personally, I did not hit any fishes as I only have a 300gram version of it as part of my heavy jigging setup which earned me a off hooked hit. This jig will also put up to the test on next coming weekend's trip to Pulau Jarak. I hope it'll do what it did back in Makassar 2 months ago ! The Revolver flutters very naturally on the drop and if you like fluttering action jigs, this is the thing you should be looking at.

Also new in addition are Fisherman Longpen 100 which I bought it for the sake of getting an accompanying lure to match and try it out with my new popping rod :) On top of that, I've also bought a Fisherman Andaman 250gm jig. Been waiting for quite sometime for this weight to come in. I think it wouldn't be too much to stock 2 or 3 more pieces of this weight as its the ideal weight to use for jigging waters of 100-160meters :)

HOTS Gipang Tide Lez.78 MH - Kei Hiramatsu
Very plainly designed rod, but who cares when its a performer :P
Stands at 7 Feet 8 inches, Max Lure weight 120gm, PE 4-6
My new rod's partner in crime, which i did not blogged about it when it was bought, Shimano Stella SW10000XG


New jigs in da house, Sevenseas Revolver 160gm and 200gm, checkout the sleeky profile and the beautiful hologram effect
More awesome holographic effect.
Fisherman Andaman 250gm
Fisherman Long Pen 100

Till then, Happy New Year 2009, May more trophy catches come your way !