Friday, March 27, 2009

Expedition Spratlys 2009

At 3.20AM, I've just finished packing for the Spratlys trip tomorrow. I am so going to pay for excess baggage. The culprit, clothings as this is a 9 days trip, and since we'll be out at sea for almost 8 days, I dare not imagine what if ALL my jigs are all sunk to the seabed. Bringing less jigs is a risky move. So all in all, I have 27kgs worth of check in luggages ! Hopefully MAS will be able to grant me 25kg allowance.

Will be back on 4th April and stay tune for the trip report !

Rod tube, Shout Expedition box, Baju bag and backpack ...HERE I COME SPRATLYS !

My Fishy Tales is on MalayMail 24 March 2009

Received this message on my Facebook a few days before My Fishy Tales was published in Malay Mail on 24th March 2009, featured under their Cyberspot section.
"dude, can we feature your blog in Malay Mail? my colleague Gabey will send over some questions.ok ok ok?can i have your blog add and also email? i'll pass it to her.thanks!"

And the outcome ? ...

As I couldn't get a clearer scan of the papers, the article is readable here. Thanks to Gabey and Angie for your effort :)

Friday, March 20, 2009

Garyukobo - Black Force

Finally, I've some new toys to be posted in here. This is one of the latest lure to hit the market, and according to its manufacturer, its supposed to be a Tuna killer ! More information could be found here if you could read Japanese and also here, for the translated version via Google.
Some facts n figures of the lures
Black Force 195
Length: 195 mm
Weight: 85 gm
Recommended hook sizes: 3/0 - 4/0
Black Force 160
Length: 160mm
Weight: 45 gm
Recommended hook size: 2/0
These babes are handcrafted and the finishings are so cool, you dont feel like putting them into the air and water at all! Bought them at my regular tackle haunt, and since it is soo limited, i bought myself TWO of them. A Black Force 190 and a Black Force 160 !! Right now, I am still contemplating to bring one of them to Spratly to see some action as these little babes are extremely the pricey.

Top to bottom: BlackForce 195, BlackForce160
Serial number of Black Force 195 - #0152 Black Force head in detail Black Force 195 standing by
Black Force 160 - reporting for duty
Front perspective
Black Force 160 #0169

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Pulau Jarak February 2009

Okay peeps, IM BACK !! Its been quite some time since I've logged into blogger hahaha. Apologize for missing from the scene. Been busy with changes in the office and whatmore, with the worsening economy situation, I was not at my 100% during this trip.

Anyways, there will not be any report for this trip on my blog as I seriously couldn't find time to publish a longer post. However, Daniel of Team Rapala Singapore had posted an awesome write up of the trip on his blog. It was a fun fishing with the folks from Team Rapala and they're a bunch of nice fellas. The trip report is seperated into Part 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5. Hope to fish again with you guys again.