Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Lucornia preparation - Part 3

After sorting out the jigs n lures, next thing to prepare for my trip would be of course the rod n reel . Below are what I'm having in mind to bring and match.


1. Valley Hill Exploder Y.Mogi Special II + Shimano Stella 20000FA spooled with 80lbs braid
2. Tenryu Jigzam PE 3-5 + Shimano Stella 8000FA spooled with 65lbs braid
3. Evergreen Poseidon PE2.5 + Shimano Stella 5000FA spooled with 40lbs braid

1. Daiwa Saltiga MuraMura PE8 + Daiwa Saltiga 6000GT spooled with 80lbs braid
2. Shimano Caranx Kaibutsu Light Pleasure PE4+ Shimano Stella 08 SW10000XG spooled with 65lbs braid

Lucornia preparation - Part 2

Since i've landed n lost a few fishes on popping technique, the poison has started to seep into my blood somehow. Below are some of the poppers, stickbaits n lures I have in my collection, still a little uncertain on which to bring as I've been informed Crystal Coral's dinghy might not be in an operational state :( Pics below are some of my little investments into casting lures/poppers. Action matters the most especially when it comes to lures. Been using quite a few lures i.e. Jackson's Mr Dekai and Mangrove Studio Volador. Am quite impressed with them and still learning how to work em to the perfect action :)

Jai Popppers, From top: 1 x 70gm, 2 x 80gm, 2 x 130gm

From top:Fisherman Big mouth 170, Big mouth 160hp Tail, S-pop 150BH Short, Long Penn 170

From top: Jackson Mr Dekai, Mangrove Studio Volador, Mangrove Studio Searoom, Craftbait GT Riarubeito Wahoo, Craftbait GT Riarubeito Sardine.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Lucornia preparation - Part 1

Since that there'll be no fishing for me until my Lucornia trip from 26th August - 31st August 2008, I shall blog a little bout my preparation for the trip which is exactly 2 weeks from now.

As for now, I've only finished packing on my jigs and will be preparing my poppers, stickbaits n so on for this weekend. For now, these are the shots for some of best weapon in my jigging armory :P

The long jigs( Clockwise from top: Fisherman Crazylong 150, Mangrove Studio Wipe Out Long 200, Bassday 160, Shout Stay 200, Duel Tamentai 250 & 300, Jigging Master 160, Evergreen Javelin 140)

Hooker`mania ! Top left cluster:Sevenseas Hooker-1 Mariana 220gm, Top right cluster: Sevenseas Hooker-1 Super Hologram 160gm, Bottom Fan: Sevenseas Hooker Anatahan 170gm

The big fat boys, Bassday Quicker wide 250gm and Evergreen Caprice 180gm

Shout Stay 160gm

Fisherman Marado 185gm

Patriot Design's Blast Edge 235gm(top) and Blast Edge 175gm(bottom)