Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Lucornia preparation - Part 2

Since i've landed n lost a few fishes on popping technique, the poison has started to seep into my blood somehow. Below are some of the poppers, stickbaits n lures I have in my collection, still a little uncertain on which to bring as I've been informed Crystal Coral's dinghy might not be in an operational state :( Pics below are some of my little investments into casting lures/poppers. Action matters the most especially when it comes to lures. Been using quite a few lures i.e. Jackson's Mr Dekai and Mangrove Studio Volador. Am quite impressed with them and still learning how to work em to the perfect action :)

Jai Popppers, From top: 1 x 70gm, 2 x 80gm, 2 x 130gm

From top:Fisherman Big mouth 170, Big mouth 160hp Tail, S-pop 150BH Short, Long Penn 170

From top: Jackson Mr Dekai, Mangrove Studio Volador, Mangrove Studio Searoom, Craftbait GT Riarubeito Wahoo, Craftbait GT Riarubeito Sardine.

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Anonymous said...

Gud luck on ur trip, u boarding Crystal coral at Miri or Labuan?