Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Lucornia preparation - Part 3

After sorting out the jigs n lures, next thing to prepare for my trip would be of course the rod n reel . Below are what I'm having in mind to bring and match.


1. Valley Hill Exploder Y.Mogi Special II + Shimano Stella 20000FA spooled with 80lbs braid
2. Tenryu Jigzam PE 3-5 + Shimano Stella 8000FA spooled with 65lbs braid
3. Evergreen Poseidon PE2.5 + Shimano Stella 5000FA spooled with 40lbs braid

1. Daiwa Saltiga MuraMura PE8 + Daiwa Saltiga 6000GT spooled with 80lbs braid
2. Shimano Caranx Kaibutsu Light Pleasure PE4+ Shimano Stella 08 SW10000XG spooled with 65lbs braid

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