Wednesday, November 21, 2007

New addition to the family

On one fine crazy day, after being intoxicated `kuat kuat` from the past few weeks, I took a drive down to Ocean Tackle at Sri kembangan on a friday lunch after receiving the call from Ah Boy "Your 8kFA is here...". There i go ...without hesitation, opened the box, inspected the Shimano Stella 8000FA and grinned to myself and handed my credit card over, signed the bill. And on that very evening itself, after work, I drove all the way to Syarikat Kepong to get a nice rod to match with this reel which I ended up getting a Tenryu Jigzam 571-S7 PE 3-5.

Only used this reel paired with the Jigzam once during the trip to Sunvista wreck. Still a virgin.
After getting the Shimano Stella 8000FA, i lost my sanity again. After using it once, i'm kinda impressed with it, I called Ocean Tackle again sometime early last month to order a Stella 5000FA to kick off my light jigging setup project. Was informed that there is no more stock and I need to wait till early December. So it is, i told myself. Barely 2 weeks after I called to order it, Ah Boy called me again "You're lucky ..they manage to bring in one last unit they have in store". So, there i went again, driving all the way down to Sri Kembangan after work. Now I can't wait for my next trip to test out the Stella 5000FA and pop the cherry of both 5000FA and 8000FA :)

Thats all for this year, the Shimano Stella Family will still be the 5000FA and 8000FA. Still thinking hard whether to bring in Stella 10000 into the family next year as the only reason for me to get it is for Lombok and Maldives trips planned for next year. if they ever materialise. Other than that, it'll be sitting in the cabinet.

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