Friday, January 2, 2009

Shopping list 2009 - Lures


During the long holidays, I made a visit to my local haunt place and the place was stocked in with some new stuff. Some interesting lures came in from Mangrove Studios and Megabass. Hopefully I'll be getting the Megabass Or Poi in time for my Pulau Jarak trip next coming weekend !

There were also new weights in for Fisherman Andaman as well as Sevenseas Revolver. Will also be stocking up more of 250gram Andaman jigs as I've been waiting for ages for them to arrive. So far I've only got 1 for myself.

As for Mangrove studios, I was looking forward for the new colours of their stickbait `Searoom` to add into my Mangrove Studio stickbait collection. I have tested out the `Flying fish` model of `Searoom` on the Luconia trip and had a good time learning to work the lure . The owner only brought in the 2 lighter colours though I would love to own the one with the darkest colour. To cure my dissapointment, the boss introduced me to Awaumi chuggers also from Mangrove Studio. It would be good to add this model into my collection of popping lures. But for now, I would be looking for stickbaits/chuggers in the range of 70-100gms to go with my new Gipang :P

Mangrove Studio Searoom
Weight: 115gm +-5gm

Mangrove Studio Awaumi
Length: 200mm
Weight: 130gm +-5gmMegabass Or Poi
Length: 148.5mm
Weight: 56gramSevenseas Revolver, can some one please prove they're useless so i can save money :PFisherman Andaman
Fumio Suzuki's face telling you it works :D