Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Pulau Jarak with GT Chaser 26-28th Jan 2008 - Day1

On one fine day 3-4 months back at an IT seminar, I was almost dozing off in the comfy couch in one of the hotels in KL. I started fiddling with phone and as I was scrolling through my phonebook, my phone LCD read "Ah Ho GT Chaser". After a dissapointing trip last year on the same boat, I decided to give it another try, but this time, Jigging and Popping is the main dish.

Getting people for this trip was hell of a headache. Out of the first 5 person that agreed to join this trip 3 months ago, only 1 made it. And the rest went yada..yada..yada excuses. And last minute, 1 day before this trip, I was `aeroplaned` again by a "prominent" angler and his camera crew big time resulting in me paying for 2 person's boat fee. However, I'm glad to have a good company this trip with Sharma, WanIzhan, Tang, Mahadzhir and Jimmy.

Bagan Datoh Town, at the end is the jetty where we embarkSpacious boat, complete with kitchen and sitting toilet & shower
The `lounge` area in mid section of the boat
Spacious sleeping area that can fit 8 person comfortably
Part of the armory
First spot, first jig drop, triple hookup ....mine got busted 2 fights remaining :(
Opening show - Starring Yakuza gang, WanIzhan and Mahadzhir with their 6kg Giant Trevallies
Next show: Tauke Tang the Angchor Magician
Tauke Tang: "Seee !! i tell you all angchor you all dont believe"
Mid day matinee Show - SharDaiwa..starring Sharma with the 10kg Giant Trevally
Introducing Mister Jimmy Master, champion of this trip, JM PE4 rawks !
WanIzhan with his second GT
A result of wrong magic spell, GT pun GT lah !
Mr Jimmy getting his record hookup for the trip, dontcha think he looks abit like Johnie Walker if the rod was vertical ?
Captain Ho certified GT's weight at 12kg
Captain Ho performing rescue operations to save the life of the GT
My big eye trevally on poppers

Mahadzhir with his share of big eye trevally

My first day was full of frustration. Our first spot was at Hutan Melintang which was very productive, I had a fair share of the triple hookup with my Poseidon + Stella 5000 combo which not long after, the fish dived swam towards the front of the boat and dived back to the hull resulting my main line to be cut.
As I changed to my Jigzam + Stella 8000 setup, i did a stupid mistake, I did not check the drag setting and straight away i dropped my spanking new Sevenseas hooker jigged it above midwater and i've got a big hit! I jerk the rod hard twice trying to set hook and there it goes, hoping a GT on the other end and expecting a long scream on the reel. But the truth is it did not, it only let out 2 short screams and my Jigzam went into a scary bend.
Before i could even land my fingers on the reel to loosen the drag, my mainline snapped ! Right after that, the mates beside was getting hookup after hookups ! I rushed to the back and try to tie my FG knot on my Stella 5000 as fast as i could, continue to jig for the next 2 spots and got a hookup at the 2nd spot and as I was trying to set hook, the familiar sound of *piak* was heard again. I cursed and cursed non stop and forced to sit down properly to retie 2 knots on both my jigging setup watching the rest of them getting hookup for the rest of the evening. As Captain Ah Ho was raising his anchor at about 7pm, i dropped my jig for a last chance before leaving to Pulau Jarak for the night, I felt a small thug at the other end of the line and I was rewarded with a 1.5kg angchor.

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