Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Pulau Jarak with GT Chaser 26-28th Jan 2008 - Day2

The day started pretty slow ...until something big enough to shut up my non stop cursing mouth up for the day.

Caught on IMA RO 120gm with Poseidon PSPJ502 + Stella 5000FA
Followed by Jimmy

Mister `Dont ya think my GT look more sexy this angle ?`

Can some one define the meaning of lucky ?

Lucky lucky lucky luckyyyyyy chap

Tauke Tang also hit his angchor magic wand spot on ... The bottom bashing session on 2nd night, Jimmy's first angchor Tauke Tang's last angchor magic spell for the trip

The last day was an uneventful one although there were abit of bite here and there. All I can say is its fun fishing with this gang especially with Tauke Tang, Jimmy and WanIzhan as this is my first time fishing with them. Hope there are many more to come.

**All pictures are contributed by Sharma as he was the official cameraman for the trip. I have yet to get other pictures from other cameras, but I will post it here as well once its ready.

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Xavier said...

Hi Damien,

Nice trip you guys have there!
Glad you have a good trip!
Hope to join you guys in your jigging and popping trips soon.