Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Pekan, 2nd March 2008

I've got a call from a friend of mine one fine day, "Yo, manage to get a boat for Pekan on the 2nd March, you keen ?". I agreed since its fishing on a Sunday.

Anyway, bad news came in the day before our trip. I've been getting smses from Sharma and Tang in the morning before our trip that they were forced to wait at the jetty for the rain to stop. Then by noon, got another message from Sharma saying that the waves at the rivermouth are at the height of about 4 meters.

True enough, the following day, it was worse when we reached Pekan, the boatman has informed us that the waves were at 5 meters with strong winds. Once we've reached the rivermouth, we could see the white top waves dancing their way into the river mouth. We could see from the boatman's face, its gonna be a big challenge to get out there. As he was about to make a turning back, he noticed a gap in between the waves and sped all the way to it. After about 15 minutes, we managed to break through the waves, and made it out there. However, we only managed a few bites and no solid hookups with Joseph bagging only 2 fishes for the entire trip.

Joseph with his 1kg+ Coral Trout

The one and only ebek for the entire trip

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