Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Pekan, March 8-9 2008

Dissapointed with the previous trip, we managed to book the boat again for the following weekend. Hopes were not too high after how the weather decided to take a hit on us the week before. We loaded up the gears n launched off just before sunrise while the weather is still kind.

The condition of the sea was good in the morning making it pleasureable to fish throughout the morning. As for the afternoon towards the evening, the waves and wind did pick up a little making it harder to stand steadily to fish.

However, the weather did manage to set us back again on the second day. As we were driving towards Pekan town, we were hit by small bursts of rain and the condition did not further improve while we were having our breakfast. As the rain started to cleared up abit, we made our way to the jetty and try to hope for the best of the weather. Upon our arrival at the jetty, we could see from our boatman's face that something is not good. True enough, the winds were strong.
We waited for an hour or so, hoping the winds would die down but it picked up strength instead. We were forced to throw in the towel for the day and we headed to the nearest coffeeshop for a round two breakfast instead :) Below are some of the pictures of our first day out.

Its gonna be a bright morning on our way outFirst hit of the morning, baby mac Darren's opening account with a 7kg mac The king of macs strikes his jackpot, 25 pounder this time

Giant Trevally on a smaller scale compared to the macs The popper chasing blacktip was finally landed in the morning Another trevally by DarrenOur total catch for the first and last day of fishing of what supposed to be a 2 day trip

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