Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Pekan 31st May - Jun 1 Catch Report

Wee Lee with his baby veloo, Darren with his barracuda 29 Pounder cobia
Another shot
Taken on IMA Gunpeki 30
My 2nd ebek on jig Hooked on IMA Gunpeki 40gm
Boatman's Ebek
Darren's Golden Trevally
The long missing jig in action, Evergreen Javelin Jet
Stefan hit his first cobia
Stella SW5000XG cherry popped with a 2kg dorado
Champion hits an Ebek
My first Golden Trevally, fights like a fish double its size
Stefan's 2nd cobia taken on Madai jig
Triple + 1 hookup Golden Trevally party.
The yellow royal carpet
Total catch for the trip
The groupers n coral trouts

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