Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Pekan 12-13 July 2008

Been on hiatus on my blog for quite sometime. Reason being, the catches for the past 3 trips were not as productive as the earlier trips. That would mean there are less interesting photos to be posted :(. Last week we've headed to Pekan again ith Ck, Jason and Thum. It would be CK's first ever trip to Pekan.
First timer luck was on his side as he hit the first fish in the morning and was rewarded with a 3kg`ish Coral Trout. Not bad for a first timer! The day has been quite slow with only baby table sized groupers landed. At about 3pm in the evening, while everyone's morale was low, 2 cuttlefish came up and tried hard to attack the jigs that was left on the water surface !
Without waiting any further, boatman and Thum rigged on their eging lures and hit cuttlefish after cuttlefish. At the end of the day, we had a total of 23 cuttlefishes! On the 2nd day, action was still pretty much slow after Thum landed his rainbow runner. Was quite bored for a moment until CK yelling he got a hook up. 20 minutes fight and he landed a cobia. At the end of the day, as we were happily teasing Ck that he got all the first timer luck and everybody was getting 0 catches, I managed to get a hookup which i thought it was hooked on to some coral but it turns out to be a green eyed grouper. Apologize if my writing is abit long as i've not written in a long long time :P
Ahh ...good morning Pekan !Lucky CK with his first fish in Pekan, his first Coral Trout
Jason's first fish for the day, a nice dorado
Thum's rainbowrunner on the morning of the 2nd day
CK having fun with the monster with his PE1.8 and Branzino setup
The first timer luck strucks on the 2nd day, a hefty 15kg`ish Cobia
My one and only sizeable fish for the trip, a green eye grouper


Kevin said...

Nice pics! Really makes me envious coz me and my buddies were at Pekan on 12th July but our catch were nowhere as impressive. Even got scolded by our boatman coz our equipment were underpowered!!! Anyways, could you kindly share with me your light jigging setup? Mine was Eupro PE 1-3 with Daiwa Freams Kix 3000 using Dyneema 20lbs braid. Underpowered? We were told to use size 7/0 assist hooks (I used size 2/0)...

D'factored said...

Hi Kevin

My setup
Rod: Evergreen Poseidon Light Pe2
Reel: Daiwa Branzino 3000
Mainline: Ygk Jigman X4 PE2
Leader: Ygk 30lbs
Hooks: 2/0 and 3/0.

May i know who's boat are you on ?

Kevin said...

Haha... the one and only "Ghost Fish"... who else will give a lecture when you fish? But turns out he's a nice guy once you get to know him. Hmm... maybe bottom fishing rigs need to be big to avoid the small fishies but jigging can be smaller coz small fish may not be able to catch the fast swimming jigs the way a big fish can (just guessing)...

D'factored said...

Yeah for jigging your setup is alright. Not sure bout bottom fishing thou :)

Anonymous said...

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