Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Pulau Jarak Grouper Galore

On the first day out towards Pulau Jarak, the boatman will usually stop by at one of the sea mount or pinnacles en route to Pulau Jarak to anchor down for the night or some late evening popping.

As I've mentioned in the earlier posting, the wind and waves were pretty strong, pushed back everybody's confidence a little for the day. Little that everyone know, we were in for some awesome time for the trip ! The boatman have indicated that the Golden Snappers are really biting at this spot but our expectations was overthrown with a big surprise.

Boon Cheng started the day off with a young fella looking for lunch on IMA RO
Trophy catch of the trip, Khoon hit a 11kg scaled on Boga grip using Duel Tamentai jig
Mister Beginner's luck only manage to land an `Arumugam` after losing 2 battles with the groupersGT King first good table sized grouper on Sevenseas HookerWeighing in at 6.5kg on Boga, My grouper taken on Bassday Quicker 250gm, Tenryu Jigzam and Stella 8000FA setupKevin's first grouper on his maiden jigging trip !! A 4kg`ish specimen. Good jobDecomposed fish which came out from Kevin's groupers guts ..big eater !!Another 6.5kg grumpy grouper specimen hauled up by Jason using Duel Ailemetal TBBoon Cheng had his fair share of the grouper fiesta by landing a 2kg`ish grumpy grouperGT King's second grouper, a good table sized grouper landed with an Inchiku jig


Anonymous said...

impressive catch, Mr. Loong.


D'factored said...

thank you Mr Tang !

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