Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Christmas Present - Parcel 1 of 3

Finally ! my first popping setup ! Was tempted to get a popping outfit for quite sometime, but decided to delay it as popping was never a regular agenda on this year's fishing trips. I will be going to Pulau Jarak on the 20th this month and testing this new outfit is a must do. Also this will be my main popping arsenal when i re-visit Pulau Jarak again from 26th January 2008 till the 28th January 2008.
My initial choice was the Pencil Instrument series which is rated at PE 4-6 but looking at the built of the rod, I thought to myself, saving my lures is a much wiser decision to make as my heaviest popper is only 70gms. So a decision was finally made, to get the younger brother, Light Pleasure. Although this rod is rated at PE 2-4, I still feel it is capable of going further.
The partner in-crime for the Light Pleasure will most probably be the Daiwa CapricornJ 4500 as its the highest ratio reel I have in my armory. Been wanting to pair it with the Shimano Stella 8000FA, but I found it a bit too heavy for casting long hours. Maybe when I can afford it, I will get a Stella SW8000HG to match with Light Pleasure or any future popping rods..

Presenting, Shimano Caranx Kaibusu - Light Pleasure

Max Lure weight 120gms, PE 2-4 Length 7`6"

Paired with Daiwa CapricornJ 4500

Some neat craftwork on the Fuji guides' wrapping


Anonymous said...

Nice rod man! What species will you go after with it? GT's, Queen Fish? If you don't mind me asking, how much are they worth in Malaysia? That model is about $500 in Australia.

D'factored said...

Hi Luke,

I've got it for slightly above 800 Ringgit which should drill down to bout 300 AUD after conversion.

Will be trying to get my poppers into the mouth of GT`s and other trevally species, Spanish Macs, hopefully the Sails too !

Krazie Fishie @ Sharma said...