Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Pulau Jarak 20/12/2007

2 months, grounded for exactly 2 months as there are no fishing trips to join, I finally couldn't take it anymore. After I've got down the phone with boatman Ah Chung of Sitiawan, I was frantically calling everyone i know of the dates that the boatman proposed. And it was on a Raya Haji holiday. So everyone agreed on a 1 day trip to Pulau Jarak.

Part of the the gears of the trip

2nd( 1st Fish photo N/A) Catch of the day by Darren on IMA RO 80gms
Followed by the barracuda on IMA RO 80gms
Albert's turn to hit a mac on IMA RO 120gm
Poseidon PSPJ 502 & Stella 5k opening accounts with EG Javelin 90
Followed by Ah Siang's power Angchor
Darren's IMA RO strikes again on a grouper
And again

Overall, this trip was just average, we were hit by heavy rain en`route to Pulau Jarak and we wasted quite some time waiting for the waves to calm down and rain to stop. By the time it did, we did not make it to the island itself but we could see it from a distance. Well, what can we expect from a 1 day trip :)


Anonymous said...

I know what it's like, I have not been fishing for over a week LOL!

Nice Macks there. Great fighters!

By the way, your last two fish appear to be Cod [Estuary Cod]

Here are some links - Australian Dep. of Fisheries -
& one I got a few weeks ago -

Damien said...

Hi Luke,

Thanks for the link and tip mate. Over here, the chinese calls it some type of grouper. Guess the name in english is different.

Thanks alot buddy