Thursday, December 6, 2007

Daiichi Hi-Speed Line Recycler

I've not been fishing since after Hari Raya. The itch has been tremendously terrible. Hence when the itch is out of control, the wallet loses control :P. Walked into Sabre 2 days ago and i came out with the Daiichi Hi-Speed Line Recycler.

Small red knob for tension setting

View from the other side

Lock n load with a 600m plastic spool

Last but not least, my new `armies` joining the batallion :) More to come soon


Anonymous said...

"Daiichi Hi-Speed Line Recycler"

Nice, I'd like one of those too!

hahahaha, my wallet loses control whenever I think about toys for fishing!

D'factored said...

Hi Lukas, nice site you have there too ! Anyway ...i can't recall of which angler that doesnt drool over fishing toys and lost control of their wallet :D.

By the way, nice fishing spots you have there, hooking up a hammerhead by the shoreline is way too cool !

Anonymous said...

Thanks. I like your site too! I've added a link on mine, hope that is OK.
Yeah, there are a lot sharks around at the moment, with the water temperature reaching 30C
Often the smaller ones will be taken by larger ones! Scary, don't want to swim hahahaha!

D'factored said...

Hey lukas ..i've linked you on my side too.