Friday, November 7, 2008

26-28 September Pulau Jarak - GT Chaser

This was a long planned trip since the first trip on GT Chaser earlier of the year. Exactly one month after Lucornia, my hands got a lil itchy and I went on to this trip to expect some fun from the GTs of Pulau Jarak off the coast of Perak with a totally new group of anglers. As this was Joseph's first live-on-board trip and also first Pulau Jarak trip, a Golden Snapper and 2 groupers was the jackpot first timer prize on this trip followed by Jason with 1 Grouper and a Golden snapper.
Although no monster GTs were landed this trip, the juvenile GTs certainly did provide us with some fun on light popping setups. I've personally hooked up an unstoppable train when I was jigging with Evergreen Poseidon Spinjerker PE 2.5 and Shimano Stella 5000FA setup with Shout! Stay jig when the fish decided to give it a run to the other side of the boat, causing my line to graze the body of the boat while sticking my rod down into the water. When I've managed to shift the rod to the other side of the boat, the fish continued with its run. As I continued to crank back some lines, I've noticed there were frays on the mainline which I'd suspect it resulted from the line grazing on the boat's body earlier.
Looking at it, I've tried an managed to retrieve back more line to get the frayed portion back into the spool. Unfortunately after what seems to be a lifetime tug of war, the fish decided to give me some good headshakes like as if its telling me `bye bye`and it gave its best burst of its last bits of energy resulting in the horniest scream my Shimano Stella 5000 can ever give followed by a loud *piak*. It was like waking up from a sensational wet dream which I knew it was not a dream, I looked at my Evergreen Poseidon Spinjerker PE 2.5 dissapointed, without the sexy bend it has produced 2 minutes ago.
What an`orgasm` I had went through. If only it could reach the `climax`. This is the 3rd time this year at Pulau Jarak on GT Chaser I've got bullied by these unstoppable train. Hopefully on January next year, I'll have all the fate to bump into them again and try my very best again to fight them. 0-3 but the game is not over yet. I shall prevail !
Below are some pictures from Jason's camera as I've yet to receive photos from the other camera.

Jason's opening account in first day's jigging

1-2kg speciment on Tenryu Jigzam PE 3-5, Shimano Stella 8000FA, Fisherman Marado jig

Jason's first hit on Popper
Albert's GT on Halco popper
Lucky first timer on GT Chaser with his 2kg-something-3kg angchor
Followed by a good sized grouper
Khoon wresling his first catchAnother baby GT!

Loading the rod

Juvenile specimen on Shimano Caranx Kaibutsu Light Pleasure, Shimano Stella SW10000XG, Jai popper

Khoon hits another

Big eye trevally in broad daylight ??

Jason's barracuda taken on jig during the hot boring afternoon

Double hookup at sunset
Another hit before the sky gets dark
Also on the same popping setup
Edmund's hookup Happy angler with his first GT on his first l.o.b trip
Before we anchored for the night, I've managed to land another GT
Khoon's GT on the final day that made us thought it was a giant grouper Birds following behind the boat as there were plenty of baitfishes swimming behind and beside the boat

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