Friday, November 7, 2008

Luconia Part 3 - Amazing hookups

Popping on this trip did not yield much positive results. There were 2 occasions on this trip where popping, somehow produced 2 `amazing hookups`. The first one being Danny casting at the hull of the boat, somehow, a Marlin estimated to weigh in the region of 50kg jumped out of the waters and dived back into it carrying the popper along with it. The fight lasted for a good 20 minutes until the leader gave way.
The 2nd occasion happend when Patrick was popping alone on the top deck in the early hours of the morning. Out of a sudden, the jiggers on the deck heard his yell for help to get his rod down to the back as he had hooked up a big one. After a 10 minute tussle, the 45kg dogtooth tuna was finally landed, with a yellowfn stucked in its throat which took the popper ! Checkout the series of pictures below for better elaboration.
Patrick with his 42kg Dogtooth Tuna(45kg combined weight with the Yellowfin Tuna)

Notice something in the mouth? Thats the yellowfin's tail
CSI crew of Crystal Coral begins autopsy on the 45kg Dogtooth
Alien object detected in the belly, see if you can notice the treble hook penetrated the belly wall
Source of death confirmed, choking of Yellowfin and popper :P
Yellowfin still attached to popper's treble hooks
A clearer picture of the hook penetrated the tummy

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