Thursday, November 13, 2008

Makassar, South Sulawesi Indonesia - Part 3 Jailamu Islands

After a dissapointing 1.5 day at Takarewataya reef, we moved to another spot further down south where Jailamu Islands are.

A view of Jailamu Island

Everyone tried popping at the calm surrounding but with strong winds, i had trouble standing to cast

The deckie taking a break

Jason landed a handsome Coral trout on Sevenseas Hooker

Followed by Darren with a GT on Sevenseas Revolver jig

Darren Yuen hits another GT .... this is a good GT spot

Jason also hit another one at the same spot on hooker

Dogtooth by DarrenC

Coral trout on Revolver...this is hell of a jig

Emperor..I wonder why the fish sizes here are so standardized

Coronation trout on Hooker

Some weird fish, unidentified species

Coral trout on Sevenseas hooker by DarrenC

Kelvin's Jobfish on Shout Stay

Little doggie brought up ..felt so heavy suddenly it came up so light...tail was bitten and broke

Kerisi on Hooker - 1

Approx 8kg Kerisi on Hooker -2

Darren-C amberjack-1 10kg on Fisherman Andaman

Darren-C amberjack no 2 10kg also on Andaman
All in all, this trip came up with quantity but not size. Also the boatride was kinda long. It took us 7 hours from Makassar jetty to Tarakewataya and from Takarewataya to Jailamu Islands another 4 hours. The major pain in the ass was the journey from Jailamuk back to Makassar which took us a whopping 13 hours !! With the rough sea conditions and strong winds, it made matters worse when the deck's ceiling was leaking from the rainwater from the top deck.

It was quite an experience for me, but sad to see that most of the fishing grounds reef has been ripped apart by commercial fisherman by bombing the reefs :(. Hopefully one day, there will be better charter boats operating in Makassar as most fishing boats in Makassar are converts from diving boats.


Mancing Gembira said...

wow nice trip...
are you fishing with wiwied (taka adventure)? Is it theodoras they fishing boat?
mancing gembira

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